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EncTel VoIP Route Maker - Complete Solution


EncTel is a VoIP carrier software that includes secure Android VoIP dialer with VoIP switch software, helps you to create easy VoIP routes, special designed for VoIP professionals. It is all-in-one complete solution with amazing characteristics like Add/Edit VoIP routes, Billing Software, Add/remove Accounts , Calling Cards Generator, Payment Gateway, Statistics, CDR and many more.

With EncTel system you can start a new VoIP business or improve your current VoIP business and be a VoIP specialist by using the simplest web administrator interface. With this software, which includes unlimited server hosting, you can do VoIP provider business by offering your billing system, your Internet dialer software and your hosted calling card services to a 3th party company if you don't like to exploit it directly.

You don't have to worry about your servers and your system's health because this complete solution includes technical support, hosting and development support.

Web interface & Dialer Features List

  • Easy administrator web interface with draggable dialogs.
  • Easy interface to Add/Edit/Delete your VoIP destination routes to everywhere in the world with fast internal search engine, prefix control and rates control.
  • Live status summary of your destination routes with informations like connected calls, ASR, ACD, buy/sell rates.
  • Statistics per route with informations like total minutes, total profit and rich live active calls informations to detect fast vendor's problems.
  • Create accounts manual.
  • Easy Export/Import accounts from/to CSV excel file.
  • Paypal payment gateway support with embedded code support to intergrade it easy on your website.
  • CDR calls log analysis with searching filters.
  • Calling cards support. Generate easy international voip calling cards pin numbers and view the totals when a card is used.
  • Easy recharging by follow IVR recorded messages when the balance is low.
  • Edit your BRAND name and your email signature for the auto emails notifications after on-line payments.
  • Logo with your brand name on the first screen of the dialer.
  • Android mobiles & tablets support.
  • Full g729 codec support.
  • Encrypted SIP signaling via TLS and media encryption with SRTP for security and for anti SIP blocking.
  • SIP compacting compression.
  • SIP to SIP calls support.
  • Free software upgrades.
  • Software Customizations per order.

To understand better our features please watch our screenshots and the user manual.

Server & Data-centers Features List

  • Hosting at UK Data-centers with low latency links for Europe, Africa & Asia routes.
  • 100MBps or 1000MBps fiber optic line with 99.99% availability.
  • 2, 4 or 8 CPU cores Intel i3,i7 or Xeon.
  • 1TB or better RAID storage.
  • Auto backups.
  • High load & health status email alerting.
  • System OS security updates.
  • Firewall protection.
  • 2 - 100 IP address per server.
  • Technical support 8/24 via Skype & Email.

On-line User Manual


1. Introduction:

The admin web interface is designed with draggable dialogs, with the menu on top of the page you can open or close items. Each menu item is draggable you can move it everywhere on web page area. Needs a last version of Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari.
The web interface, the whole back-end system and all sub-systems are hosted on private servers, one server per customer.
IVR recorded messages notice the users when they don't have enough credits and prompts them to enter new calling cards, if the destination number is not supported by your route an IVR message notice the user
Menu items:

2. Active Routes Summary:

By default when administrator log in to the system the "Active Route" tab is enabled. On this panel, you can watch live the active connected calls of your active routes, your ASR, ACD statistics, your buy and your selling rates. Only the active routes are displayed here, you can see bellow how to add or enable routes.

3. Active Routes Statistics:

By clicking on "View" link on Active Routes panel, you can see more live information per route like all your active calls (connected or not), your total minutes and your total profit. All ASR, ACD, total minutes and total profit counters could be reset by clicking on reset red links. With these informations you can have always the billing control and the same time you can check your route's quality.

4. Add Edit or remove VoIP routes & rates management:

By opening the "Rate/Routing Management" dialog you can very easy search for a destination VoIP route. By default there is a list with common destinations but all of them are disabled. If you type 'yes' on search field of the panel, will prints you only the active routes.
The field "Incoming Prefix" is the phone number prefix which a "dialer" user will be able to dial.
The "Outcoming Prefix" field is to set the phone number final prefix which will be send to the SIP trunk. You should ask the vendor about the acceptable outcoming prefix, if you leave it empty, the same prefix as the incoming will be used.
The "Destination" field is to set the name of your destination route.
The "SIP Gateway" field is to set the IP address and the SIP port that vendor accept your calls (coming from your dialer).
The "Buy Rate" field is to set the rate which you buying the calls.
The "Sell rate" field is to set the rate which you are selling the calls. If this is 0 (zero) the route will be disabled, if it is greater than 0 the route will be activated.
The "Updated" field show you when you did the last modification for this route.
You can change the values to all editable fields and save them just by clicking out of the fields.
On the bottom of the dialog you can add a new route with the same logic.

5. Accounts:

By opening the "Account" dialog you can see a table with all accounts and informations about the current balances, the current total minutes and how many minutes left by user.
You have 3 possible options to add accounts for the dialer application:
1. Create an account manually. A random password will be generate it, you have to add an username, an email, choose a plan and set the initial balance for this user. WARNING , do not use shift characters (~!@#$%^&*()_+=-,./;'<>) for passwords only A-z, 0-9 characters.
2. Create accounts by importing a CSV excel file. Please check the right CSV format by exporting some accounts previously added manually.
3. Automatically created accounts by "e-Pay" system. When a new account is created an auto email notification will be send to user's email.

6. CDR:

By opening the "CDR Analysis" dialog you can watch and analyze your calls history by using the filters "route" and "user" on the top.
By checking the DURATION, BILLING, STATE and the ENDS hangup reasons you can troubleshooting and fixing problems on your route if any.

7. e-Pay:

EncTel supports PayPal payments. You can add very easy a payment panel on your business website and give to your users the option to select a destination route and buy talking minutes. A new user account will be automatically created after the payment and an email notification will be send it to user's email with informations.
By opening the "e-Pay" dialog you can see all the necessary fields, API data and signature data to enable your e-Pay. You need to have a Paypal business account to use this or a paypal sandbox account to do tests. You can Sign up here.
It's the only point that you need to set your currency supported by Paypal, The rest of financial numbers (rates, profit etc) of the system are not relative with this currency selection.

8. Calling Cards:

EncTel supports International VoIP Calling Cards. When a user is out of balance he will listen a voice IVR message that asks to enter a new calling card. By opening the "Calling Card" dialog you can very easy generate new Calling cards by setting the number of the cards and the amount of the credits. On bottom of the dialog you can see the total of the used calling cards and the total of the credits/balance with an option to reset the counters.

9. System:

On "System" dialog you can see the informations of the system's owner and view some healthy status of the private server. Two fields are editable the BRAND name and the email SIGN, both informations will be used for the email subject and the email sign at the bottom for the auto generated email notifications.

10. Android dialer:

- Android version 2.3.3 or better.
- Mobile device or tablet with more than 256MB RAM with 1 CPU core or more.
- Internet connection WIFI, 3G/4G or EDGE.

You need to download this APK file and enable from security system settings to allow installations of external APK applications.
WARNING: On some single core devices is reported that needs to wait some minutes when you enable the Internet to avoid lags once you're dialing.
After the APK installation the first screen ask you if you want to allow the application to use the dialer with 3G/2G or WiFI only connections and if you want to merge your calls history with the calls of your VOIP dialer, the second screen will prompt you to create a new account, user can use username & password that has been send to his email . As "Account name" set a name for this account. After the save user should see the icon account as green and registered. If re-enter into account, the available credits and the available minutes should be displayed.
The dialer is ready for calls for the selected prefixes.

Brand Logo customizations are done on each order. For any more customizations please contact us.

Pricing Table

On each order needs 2-3 business days to setup & install your private server. There is charging per each setup that varies depends the license (50 - 1000 allow user registrations). The monthly cost varies depends of the server size and of the selected technical support. We offer for free new dialer build with your business logo and free software upgrades for bug/fixes.
For customizations on admin web interface there is extra charging.
If you to wish to do an investment for more dialers and OS support like PC Windows, Mac OSX, IOS and Windows Phones we can take care about the development that will be an extra cost. For more informations about this please contact us.
If you are a new VoIP business and you think that you need more than the basic technical support and the manual is not enough you can choose the training package.

150 registrations750$100$
2100 registrations1000$130$
3200 registrations1500$150$
4300 registrations1700$170$
5500 registrations2500$250$
61000 registrations5000$260$
SIP to SIP calls package +300$, 1 month training package +250$

For any questions or more informations please contact us via our contact form.