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Smart SIP Doorphone - Door Entry VoIP System


Door Entry VoIP System
For the people that need something more outside of their door.
A smart SIP door bell phone, rich of specifications with high quality audio, useful as an intercom too. Connected with a SIP call center you can make voice calls safety by pressing a single button to an other SIP phone or to a mobile phone if your call center can support it. Can support peer to peer sip calls WITHOUT A CALL CENTER.
Ideal for environments with high noise. Contains also two relays to control lights, doors or whatever 5V-220V device you need.


  • Very Easy configuration from WEB interface.
  • Shipped with the new Red Optim firmware!
  • Two 10A DTMF password controlled relays, useful to open/close doors or lights.
  • Ethernet RJ45 10/100Mbps.
  • Peer to Peer SIP calls or calls via call center.
  • Dhcp client to get automatically ip address.
  • Echo cancellation.
  • Noise cutter technology.
  • Codecs support: SPEEX(16,8), PCMU, PCMA, G722.
  • PoE ready 3.1mm connector, you can power the device by using a 5V output PoE splitter.
  • Female voice for system status and register status.
  • Material: Aluminium silver.
  • White back light.
  • Operating temperature: -5°C to 70°C (the door-phone will work below these temperatures because the heat from the CPU and the case keep the other components warm, but we have not test the board itself to these extremes.)
  • Power consume: < 10W
  • Dimensions: W: 105mm H: 197mm Z: 37mm

Box Contents:

In the box included:
  • 1 doorphone
  • 1 power supply
  • 1 usb to 3.1mm cable
  • User Manual.


  • Network with dhcp service installed.
  • A PC with Windows, Linux or MacOS having installed a recent version of Firefox/Chrome/Opera/Safari to configure the device.
  • An ethernet cable.
  • A SIP call center or a SIP phone that support peer to peer calls.
  • Basic SIP and Networking knowledge. (you can always ask help via EMAIL).

For technical support or any question Contact with us.

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