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VosTerm - VoIP Termination Compression Bonding Device

VoIP Stability, Reliability, Availability, Security, Performance

VosTerm is a VoIP device that offers until 256 active calls stable capacity with guaranteed performance and guaranteed* voice quality with  1 - 4 Internet lines bonding support. The latest bandwidth saver complete Voip solution with active users in Asia, Africa and EU.

NEW amazing version is ready and tested, we qualified and certified the quality and the resistant of the solution. Now supports 2 x 3G USB dongles on board, 1 x WiFI (for AP or client) and 1 x Ethernet Internet for bonding, more optimizations for Satellite/3G links to reduce the latency, more compression, remote control support and the latest anti-block methods and the higher possible VoIP security. Now your terminal, with this service/product remains always available and online even if you have connections issues and you have limited bandwidth in your area. For more informations please contact us.
Posted on: 30/03/2015

Now you can multiply more your bandwidth capacity by compressing your VoIP traffic with the VosTerm termination service about 70-80%* (about 4.5 KB/sec per call total send/recv ) and increase until 400% your service availability by using the fail-over bonding VosTerm function while you can use easy until 4 simultaneously Internet links and keep your VoIP gateways ports always full.

Do not use PC and laptops with Live USB/CDROMS with Linux distributions that they cannot guarantee voice quality, high calls capacity and stability. Do not use PC for VoIP terminations, are designed for general use and  cannot offer you the same stability and guarantee quality.
No Puppy
Keep your computer free for any other use and let the VosTerm to care about your VoIP.

Why to use this product and not to use a similar device of the market?

VosTerm use a unique compression and lines bonding method and has much better results if you compare it with similar device based solutions, ISO distro based solutions and similar multipath solutions. We believe that is the best device in the market with very good results in compression ratio, security and the bonding method. Is designed for rockchip ARM based devices manufactured by third-party vendors, a hardware that has more to offer. We're doing continuous tests, comparisons and improvements to stay always to the edge of technology. Future versions of VosTerm firmware will be available free to our clients with new features like more Internet lines support and more after customer's requests.


If you want high quality of service and high availability for your termination VoIP service, use the VosTerm device with VosTerm SBO service and keep your VoIP gateways behind a secure encrypted tunnel. You can do very easy combinations with DSL, Satellite, 3G/4G and more Internet providers to multiply your capacity without worry about the link failures and unstable connectivities, the service will send the calls continuously by using your available Internet links of the moment. It will auto adjust your bonding by removing or adding your available links that may are down or disabled because of volume limitations.

Device Specifications:

  • VosTerm designed for the powerful ARM Rockchip Quad-core chip in a way to use very small amounts of memory and optimized performance for VoIP technologies.
  • Easy configurable via its Web Interface.
  • Supports 256 active calls capacity (two way audio per call) this means that you can connect total 256 gateway ports to a single termination device!
  • Max active calls set limit option.
  • Until 4 Internet links bonding support.
  • g729, g723 codec support.
  • Various VoIP Gateway brands support (GOIP, Dinstar, Hypermedia and more).
  • Real time active calls monitoring per Internet link and total.
  • Real time status for your SIP gateways.
  • Stable performance. 
  • Low power consume (many hours standby in power failure conditions by using a cheap UPS).
  • LED indicators (Active Calls, SBO connection, Initialize)
  • Firmware upgradeable.

VosTerm Service Offers:

vosterm sbo networking
  • Easy configuration via Web Interface.
  • Termination possible behind any kind of NAT and Firewall.
  • Termination Dynamic IP address support.
  • AES Encryption.
  • VoIP traffic compression.
  • Anti-blocking tunnel mode.
  • ASR / ACD statistics per gateway and per origination carrier.
  • CDR calls history records support.
  • Easy Add/Remove , Enable/Disable VoIP Gateways (that are connected on VosTerm).
  • Easy Add/Remove , Enable/Disable Origination SIP Carriers (that are connected on VosTerm servers).
  • Detailed real time active calls informations.
  • Total calls duration information for billing.


We offering per each purchase good prices for 16 to 256 gateway ports. The device Kit cost 500 USD with the VosTerm firmware + the monthly cost for the service that varies depends the available ports for termination. With the last device firmware version we offer 1 month service free. If you need a bigger amount of licenses ask us a better offer.

Installation Documentation:

1. Unbox the device and plug to the power and to an Ethernet switch with the Ethernet cable as the diagram.

registration2. For the first time use you should put the VosTerm to a DHCP enabled network. If you cannot detect the new IP address of the VosTerm via your router or a software you can plug an HDMI cable from the HDMI port to a monitor and watch from there the IP address.
Type to a Firefox/Chrome/Opera browser (IE not recommended) the url http://<New_VosTerm_IP> and use the default username and password admin/admin. After this you must see a form like the diagram.
3. Local Networking3. After the purchase you will receive an activation serial number, fill all the required data with your serial number and click next to register. You will see a loading bar, this step may needs some time if you have slow Internet connection. Once your data are verified you should see the message "Registration OK.Please go to the Next step to configure your local network and your Internet links." Click next to configure your networking.
4. You can use the device with two ways, the first way is for a single Internet connection and the second for multiple Internet connections.
You can leave the DHCP option ON if you have a DHCP enabled network or set 1 - 4 different subnets with their gateways. On this step it's better to set the DHCP ON. You can configure your networking again later on step 7.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you will connect all your routers on the same switch you should keep the DHCP enabled to one of yours routers, you must avoid multiple DHCP services activated. Also, your router IPs  should be on different subnets, for example if router A has, router B shoud have something like
5. Rebooting
5. Click Next and Reboot, wait some time to be completed the rebooting process. You should have receive an email with your login informations.
6. Summary page
6. After rebooting you will see the first summary page of the main menu. Screenshot of the VosTerm in action.
7. Local Networking. The same logic as in step 4. You can also set your total capacity limit after the compression, with this you can avoid bad audio voice quality caused by the calls that are up to this limit. There is a "Change Password" link at the bottom right of this page if you want to change your username and password that you need to login locally to your web interface and to the SBO service, after the password changing you should receive a confirmation email.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you will connect all your routers on the same switch you should keep the DHCP enabled to one of yours routers, you must avoid multiple DHCP services activated. Also, your router IPs  should be on different subnets, for example if router A has, router B shoud have something like
8. SBO Networking configuration. By clicking the button "HERE" you will be redirected to the SBO service webpage.
9. Before go to the SBO configuration step you should configure your VoIP Gateways to Accept the IP address of the VosTerm with ports 5060, 5061, 5062, 5063 After the configuration of the SBO service by adding your Origination Carriers, your dialplans and your VoIP Gateways the device will be configured automatically and will manage your SIP gateways.

10. SBO basic configuration.
Login with your username and your password that you have set on step 3. After the Login Go at "My Account" -> "VOSTERM" menu, on this page you can see your activated VosTerm with the enabled Internet links for bonding.
login to sbo 10. VOSTERM status
Go to the "Termination Gateways" menu and add new a gateway. You can add unlimited gateways. Your gateway should accept the g729 codec, at "GW IP" field you can set your internal IP address of your VoIP gateway no matters if there is in a different network subnet (example step 7 diagram 2). Click Save.
Go at "Origination Carriers" menu and add you VoIP switch/Carrier and the dialplan prefixes that your VoIP gateway can accept. Click save.
Finally Click on "Update Configurations" button. Now you should configure your VoIP switch to send the calls to the IP address and Port number that you can watch in the yellow area at the top of the page.  If everything if configured correctly you should have successful calls termination after 2-3 minutes. Go back to your VosTerm web interface and check your Summary informations and check your Active calls , your statistics and your CDR records in the SBO interface.
Please note that if you need to change some settings in the SBO interface you should always Click "Update Configuration" button in your last step and wait until your VosTerm device be updated, usually this needs 2-3 minutes.

11. Enjoy the new generation of VoIP termination by using until 4 internet links the same time!

*guaranteed voice quality = The hardware can give you the best possible g729 quality in the capacity limit of the Internet links after the compression.
*50-80% = If you compare it with the SIP direct termination and better than the "SIP compacting" compression methods of other solutions.

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